Thursday 22nd – Tuesday 27th January

 “Meet And Greet” at IFFR 2015 was a new initiative to allow the public and industry visitors to encounter filmmakers in an informal setting.

The idea was to give a special attention to filmmakers who were bringing films as premieres to Rotterdam. The Meet and Greet sessions turned to be very pleasant encounters and discussions with filmmakers about their idea’s, creativity, their choices and of course their films!


IFFR 2015 - Day 3 - Ludmila Cvikova - Q&A - Anchor


The films and filmmakers present at IFFR 2015 Meet & Greet

  • Gluckauf , dir. Remy van Heugten, Netherlands 2015
  • A Corner of Heaven , dir. Miaoyan Zhang, China, France 2014,
  • La La La at Rock Bottom , dir. Yamashita Nobuhiro, Japan, 2015
  • White Coal, dir. Georg Tiller, Austria 2015
  • Banana Pancakes and the Children of Sticky Rice, dir. Daan Veldhuizen, Netherlands 2015
  • Poet on a Business Trip, dir.Ju Anqi, China 2015
  • El Legado, dir.Roberto Anjari-Rossi, Germany, Chile 2015,
  • Cosmodrama, dir. Philippe Fernandez, France 2015
  • Hearts Know * The Runaway Brides, dir. Kris Kristinsson, The Netherlands 2015,
  • The Bull, dir. Larissa Figueiredo, Brazil 2015, WP
  • Transatlantique, dir. Félix Dufour-Laperrière, Canada 2014
  • Forever , dir. Margarita Manda, Greece 2014
  • Das Zimmermädchen Lynn, dir. Ingo Haeb, Germany 2014
  • The Performer, dir. Lukasz Ronduda, Maciej Sobieszczanski, Poland 2015
  • Jade Miners, dir. Midi Z, Myanmar, Taiwan 2015
  • The Second Life of Thieves, dir. Woo Ming Jin, Malaysia 2014
  • River of Exploding Durians , dir. Edmund Yeo, Malaysia 2014,
  • Battles, dir. Isabelle Tollenaere, Belgium, Netherlands 2015
  • The Sky Above Us, dir.Marinus Groothof, The Netherlands, Belgium, Serbia, Greece 2015
  • Haruko’s Paranormal Laboratory, dir. Lisa Takeba, Japan 2015